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    Patrick and Kevin Webber: Protect Camp Hale and the Continental Divide

    Patrick and Kevin Webber: Protect Camp Hale and the Continental Divide

    By Patrick and Kevin Webber
    UPDATED:   08/21/2018 06:20:42 PM MDT

    Last month, we were among the many business owners who exhibited at Colorado's second Outdoor Retailer show. We created Denver-based Fourpoints Bars to fuel ourselves and other outdoor recreationists with a healthier real food energy bar.

    Like with our state's first Outdoor Retailer show this winter, we again welcomed vendors and outdoor professionals from around the world who were here to promote their new cutting-edge gear. We think one of the key takeaways was how important Colorado's outdoor economy is to our local businesses, communities, and our elected officials.

    Colorado has been a national leader in managing and protecting our great outdoors. From defending our national monuments to having a holiday devoted solely to our public lands, we are proud to live in a state that leads the nation in conservation. This is why we are urging Sen. Cory Gardner to join Sen. Michael Bennet and Rep. Jared Polis in supporting the Continental Divide Recreation, Wilderness and Camp Hale Legacy Act.

    This legislation would preserve new wilderness areas, conserve wildlife habitat and corridors, and promote and protect access for people's favorite places to ski, bike and more.

    It would also designate Camp Hale, the birthplace of Colorado's ski industry, as the country's first National Historic Landscape. Here, the celebrated World War II 10th Mountain Division trained for winter combat, and ultimately went on to help bring the Allies a victory.

    For decades, a broad and diverse group of stakeholders, including small business owners, mountain bikers, hunters, veterans, and thousands of others, have been working to preserve this slice of the White River National Forest. These lands draw people from near and far and communities and businesses like mine depend on and thrive thanks to these wonders.

    Outdoor recreation is big business in Colorado. It generates $28 billion in consumer spending, supports 229,000 jobs, and pays $9.7 billion in direct wages and salaries. Additionally, some 13 million people a year visit the White River National Forest and spend their dollars in the surrounding communities. In fact, in May, 96 businesses signed-on to a letter urging Gardner to support the Continental Divide Recreation, Wilderness and Camp Hale Legacy Act. That list continues to grow with more businesses urging Gardner to preserve our great outdoors.

    We want to thank Sen. Gardner for welcoming the Outdoor Retailer Show to Colorado, and urge him to support the Continental Divide Recreation, Wilderness and Camp Hale Legacy Act. We need more places to hike, bike, camp, ski, hunt, fish, paddle and simply enjoy the great outdoors, not fewer.

    Patrick and Kevin Webber are co-founders of Fourpoints Bars in Denver.



    Mountain Fitness Training - Get in Peak Backcountry Condition

    Mountain Fitness Training - Get in Peak Backcountry Condition

    Mountain Fitness Training - Get in Peak Backcountry Condition Using Kettlebells and TRX

    Learn how to train for mountain adventures such as hiking, skiing and splitboarding - using bodyweight, kettlebells and TRX to get into backcountry condition.  Curriculum written and taught by Founder of Colorado Personal Fitness & Fourpoints Brand Ambassador Sean Sewell.

    To learn more please click here:


    Born at 14,000 feet, Colorado based Fourpoints® is elevating the energy bar!

    Born at 14,000 feet, Colorado based Fourpoints® is elevating the energy bar!

    Fourpoints SLOW-BURN energy bar announces expansion into Safeway & Natural Grocers.

    Walk down the nutrition bar isle, it's crowded, colorful, confusing, and you're constantly doing it - looking for something that stands out, hungry for something different, and hoping for something better.  From its conception nearly 10 years ago by brothers Kevin and Patrick Webber, Fourpoints® has always been about “better.” What started then as an idea at 14,000 feet has slowly become realized as they announce today that their SLOW-BURN Real Food Energy Bars are expanding in REI, and into Safeway, and Natural Grocers.

    Read more

    Fourpoints Real Food Energy Bar: REI, Backpacker Magazine, and Conservation Colorado

    Fourpoints Real Food Energy Bar: REI, Backpacker Magazine, and Conservation Colorado

    For Immediate Release                                                                                                                                                                     Contact: Kevin Webber
    (303) 589- 6848

    Fourpoints® bars in Backpacker Magazine - Now Available At REI

    Denver, Colorado (June 07, 2017) – Fourpoints is thrilled to announce that it’s Real Food Energy Bars are now available at REI stores in the Rocky Mountain region and online.

    Fourpoints creators combined backgrounds in sports nutrition, fitness, and culinary arts to offer a truly unique real food energy bar; designed specifically for active and healthy minded individuals that expect more out of their adventure foods.

    Recent media includes features in the spring issue of Ski Magazine for the “Snack Smart and Ski Better” segment, and Backpacker Magazine’s heralded 2017 Gear Guide as the “Slow Burn Energy Bar.” 

    Fourpoints doesn’t just aim to be a product, but in joining Conservation Colorado and the Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance, show it wants to be a brand that supports the outdoor lifestyle and issues important to Colorado; making it the perfect partner for REI and it’s more than 5 million dedicated CO-OP members.

    “Our tagline, WHEREVER YOU PLAY®, embodies where we want our brand to live,” said Kevin Webber, Co-Founder of fourpoints. “We all deserve an energy bar that can deliver clean energy, be easily enjoyed on-the-go, and taste amazing all in the same package.  We want the tagline to also send the message that we all have a responsibility to protect those places we play through better environmental stewardship, outdoors ethos, and community engagement.”

    Fourpoints Real Food Energy Bars are macronutrient dense, offering balanced nutrition which fuels better outdoor performance.  Natural ingredients are measured with purpose to achieve specific ratios of carbohydrates, protein, fats, and fiber for slower digestion; providing a better glycemic load for hours of sustained energy.  Unlike most other bars on those crowded shelves, they won’t freeze on the chairlift and they won’t disintegrate in your pocket, or pack.

    Fourpoints bars are available in 5 flavors.  With playful, home grown names like Powder Day PB & J and Big Mountain Banana Bread, every 2.5oz bar is rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals. Fourpoints bars are designed to deliver that needed energy before, during, or post-activity.  Made from low glycemic dried plums and medium glycemic dried figs as the primary source of carbohydrates.

    The combination of fiber rich super-fruits along with heart healthy fats and more than 10 grams of protein work together to provide slow burning energy without the sugar spikes and crashes associated with so many other energy bars. (MSRP: $3.00/bar).

    About Fourpoints

    Fourpoints Real Food Energy Bars were born at 14,000 feet, designed to elevate the energy bar and make it better than it has to be, so you can perform better when you need to. We make our bars using real food ingredients because we believe real energy comes from eating real food. We craft our bars using RAW superfoods like dried plums, figs, cashews, almonds, hemp seed, flax seed and whey protein isolate with absolutely NO additives, NO preservatives, NO vague “natural flavors”, or anything artificial. Just real food! This is the energy bar made the way nature intended.

    For more information, please visit www.fourpointsbar.com or find us on Facebook & Instagram.

    Click below for press links:





    Fourpoints® Bar and ink!® Coffee partner to offer unique whole food bar in all 16 Colorado locations!

    Fourpoints® Bar and ink!® Coffee partner to offer unique whole food bar in all 16 Colorado locations!


    Monday, Feb. 13, 2017


    Kevin Webber, CEO/CO-founder                                 








    DENVER―On Monday, it was announced that Fourpoints® Bar and ink!® Coffee collaborated to launch a partnership allowing all 16 Colorado-based shops to carry the all-natural, high performance whole food nutrition bars.

    Beginning today, all five Fourpoints® bar flavors including Mountain Mocha-Espresso Bean (featuring ink! Coffee espresso grind), Big Mountain Banana Bread, Powder Day PB&J, Alpine Apple Cinnamon and Downslope Dark Chocolate Coconut, will available to sample at a variety of ink! Coffee locations.

    "One of the great things about Colorado is that it is full of passionate talented individuals that believe in community engagement and supporting one another,” Fourpoints® co-founder, Kevin Webber said. “We are very excited to partner with ink! Coffee!  To take it a step further we also source our espresso grind for our Mocha-Espresso bar through ink!, which really brings the relationship full circle and improves the taste of our bar."

    Fourpoints® Bar and ink!® Coffee are both Colorado-born businesses that understand the importance of backing one another to raise awareness to support local business owners and to Always Buy Colorado.

    "Our relationship with local vendors is one of our cornerstones in which ink! Coffee thrives,” ink!® Coffee founder, Keith “Herbie” Herbert said. “In being a lifestyle brand like us, Fourpoints® aligns with our mission to offer healthy, sustainable, tasty products all wrapped up in a hip, athletic, local brand attracting friends and customers who are just like us.”

    To learn more about Fourpoints® bars and ink!® Coffee please visit:




    About Fourpoints® Bar

    Fourpoints®, founded in 2014 by brothers Kevin and Patrick Webber and friend Steve Shenfish, is an all-natural, raw, whole food nutrition bar designed to give real long sustained energy through whole foods by balancing the macronutrient ratios and optimizing blood sugar response by using low and medium glycemic sugars from dried plums and figs. All bar ingredients are of the highest quality including 100% grass-fed whey protein isolate and organic shelled hemp seeds, just to name a few.


    About ink!® Coffee

    ink!® Coffee Co. is proud to use and support locally made products. ink!® Was started in Aspen in 1994 by a local ski bum. ink!® roasts its own coffee locally in Denver, CO. ink!® Coffee has come a long way from their first retail store in Aspen, Co, adding fifteen additional retail stores in the metro Denver area but they still have that passion that started it all. No corporate coffee here. Just a former ski bum and lots of talented baristas with a passion to bring yo