When my Brother Patrick and I started Fourpoints we were trying to solve a problem and innovate in a category bereft of new ideas. We wanted to create a better bar that delivered better performance for our outdoor endeavors, but we were also solving a problem for an undeserved market of consumers; diabetics, people with blood sugar disorders, and people like us – simply looking for low-glycemic real food on the go. Well, we did that, and along the way found ourselves giving back in so many ways.

Growing up in the outdoor industry we naturally wanted to help protect our lifestyle and our public lands so we started working with non-profits in that industry and giving back though volunteerism, trail adoption, lobbying, grant funding, and being a 1% for the planet member.

Coming from two generations that served our country we wanted to provide the brave men and women of our armed forces with a better nutritional product, so we created one specifically for them to help fuel their missions better. In the process we partnered with a veteran-owned organization curating care packages for our troops overseas, and do a give-back to their mission.

The world has changed in a matter of weeks. Our world of retail sales has dried up. Grocery buyers have put new companies like us on hold to focus on essential items and many doors that we were opening in alternative channels have been temporarily shut. Our biggest retailer REI, has temporarily closed their physical locations. In short, like many small companies, we’re struggling to survive. New emerging brands don’t carry the cash-flow for times like this. 

So…what do we do? Well, to steal a line from my daughters’ favorite movie; “When you don’t know what to do, just do the next right thing.”

The world is in a health crisis, and we have friends on the front lines of this pandemic, so we spent the last two days driving to Denver area hospitals and donating bars and PPE supplies from our manufacturing facility to doctors, nurses, staffers, and volunteers that are literally risking their lives in this fight we are all a part of.  We aren't concerned about profits and margins so much as we are for health and well being of our communities.  We need to all come together and help one another. We are urging other food businesses to do the same.

We don’t know what the future holds for Fourpoints. We built our company around innovation, doing good, and giving back. We have always believed in authenticity, transparency, and collaboration as core values of our brand. Our product is right and it benefits people. Now more than ever our product makes sense, and as long as we're standing we will fight.

At this moment we are surviving almost 100% on online sales. If you think the world is a better place with Fourpoints in it and with people like us trying to make a difference, support us, buy our bars, share how good they taste and how great they make you feel.  Keep the sales coming in and we’ll keep doing the next right thing.

In the meantime, shelter in place and practice social distancing when you absolutely have to go out so we don't over run our hospitals.  If we all sacrifice and do our part, we'll beat this thing!

In good health & with all our love –

Kevin Webber (Co-Founder) & The Fourpoints Team 

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