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Rebuilding Your Small Business in The COVID-19 Reality

Recently I was asked write an op-ed to put a real face to COVID-19 reality and the impact it has had our small busin...

Mentoring and Paying it Forward

From time to time I find myself scrolling through old emails looking for some piece of information and I see his name...

From One Coloradan to Another, Senator Gardner, Please Support the CORE Act

Coloradans want to see their elected officials represent today’s and future generations of Coloradans, by protecting what is truly important to us, our public lands, our economy, and our way of life. I’m also an unaffiliated voter, among the largest portion of voters in Colorado. I don’t vote for parties, I vote for people and on issues. I voted for you in 2014. I will be voting to honor our ski soldiers, and for Colorado’s outdoors in 2020.


Boasting the highest antioxidant capacity and the lowest glycemic load of any dried fruit, the Prune rides in like a conquering hero of your diet ready to help you take on any challenge life throws at you with a one-two punch!  Packed with vitamins and minerals they really are amazing, and yet some people have forgotten about them. 

The Journey from Kitchen to Basecamp Co-Packing

Like most startup food companies, Fourpoints Bar was born in a home kitchen.  Kevin and Patrick had been making these...

Why No Words Are Safe

Patrick Webber, Co-Founder of Fourpoints, said they were inspired by the recent attempt by a giant internet gear site to trademark a commonly used outdoor recreation term. "We wanted to follow the model, but go way bigger, because that's what we do. I mean, look at the size of our bars! In fact, can you trademark a size?"
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