Why you should start eating them right now and for life!

In our culture, prunes have often been known as a wrinkly dried fruit on your Grandmother’s table used to promote healthy digestion and…err that smooth operation in the oval office.  But seriously, who doesn’t want to be really good at that?  The alternative is well, we’ll just leave it at that.  The time has come to let you all in a on a little secret, one that Grandma knew that allowed her to live a long-life despite being type 2 diabetic…they’re natures perfect superfood!  Not just any superfood, the king of superfoods!!


Boasting the highest antioxidant capacity and the lowest glycemic load of any dried fruit, the prune rides in like a conquering hero of your diet ready to help you take on any challenge life throws at you with a one-two punch!  Packed with vitamins and minerals, they really are amazing, and yet some people have forgotten about them. 

What is a prune?

The legendary Petit d’Agen plum was brought to California from France during the Gold Rush and grafted onto wild American plum stock. It’s the long growing seasons in California’s lush valleys with rich soil warmed by a steady sun and cool evening temperatures. It’s the hundreds of growers who hand-tend each tree to cultivate the perfect fruit. It’s the most rigorous agricultural standards of any place on earth.  Harvested at optimal ripeness they are immediately transferred to drying tunnels, where three pounds of fresh fruit become one pound of California Prunes. 

What they taste like

Ever tasted a rainbow?  Me neither, but I imagine that’s pretty close.  Prunes have a deep yet mild sweetness that is ridiculously delicious without the cloyingly sweet aftertaste of say…dates.

Why they’re good for you

Ready for the checklist of AWESOMENESS?!?!

Prunes are -

  • High in Antioxidants to fight inflammation and free-radicals
  • High in fiber
  • Low-Glycemic for better blood sugar control and response
  • Good for helping lower cholesterol
  • Great for promoting bone health
  • Amazing for your gut!

Prunes for performance

Due to the high fiber content and low-glycemic sugars, prunes take a long time to digest leading to a slow, steady release of sugar into your bloodstream for energy use.  By protecting your blood sugar and preventing the spikes that lead to that inevitable crash, better and long-lasting performance is achieved.

Where to get them and how best to eat them

Prunes can be found on any grocery store shelf, but the best way to get them is in the ONE & ONLY truly functional, real food energy bar on the market; Fourpoints Bar! 

Fourpoints bars harness the power of prunes to boldly going where no bar has gone before.

Packed with other wholesome ingredients such as figs, hemp protein, assorted fruits, nuts and seeds, they provide hours of clean energy when you need it, without the crash you don’t need.  

Simply put Fourpoints bars fuel you better so you can play longer!

How to prepare them

Fourpoints bars are a breeze to use!  Simply grab your favorite flavor, tear open the wrapper, and pop that goodness in your mouth! Viola! It’s never been easier or tastier to get your daily value of prunes.  Eat them before, during, or after activity.  Hiking, biking, trail-running, skiing, cycling, climbing, golfing, you name it. The possibilities are endless!

Prune are very versatile.  They can be used in a number of ways and for a number of benefits that at different stages in your life are a priority, whether for performance, strengthening your bones to stay strong and an ox, or staying a regular Joe (regular as), prunes really are for life.  


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