Why No Words Are Safe

Fourpoints Bar files for multiple trademarks, including Powder Day

But not just the words, the actual snowy event. Add to that the list of other items they have recently filed to own: PB&J sandwiches, Hemp Protein, Energy Bar, and even the sound made while eating it. While it seems like a long shot that the young Denver based energy bar company is successful in the appropriation of these terms, it has not deterred their efforts.
Patrick Webber, Co-Founder of Fourpoints, said they were inspired by the recent attempt by a giant internet gear site to trademark a commonly used outdoor recreation term. "We wanted to follow the Backcountry.com model, but go way bigger, because that's what we do. I mean, look at the size of our bars! In fact, can you trademark a size?"
"We wanted to follow the Backcountry.com model, but go way bigger, because that's what we do."
~ Fourpoints co-founder Patrick Webber (pictured above)
Webber conceded that the bold shift in strategy, to buy words then crush the competition in court, could misfire, but that it seemed worth a shot. "We are in a really competitive category, and even though we offer the only prune based energy and protein bars in the space, innovation isn't the only way to win."
At the time of the writing of this article it was reported that Backcountry.com had issued an apology, to which Webber replied, "apologized for what?" He then added that Fourpoints best seller is the Backcountry Banana Bread bar and that he'd love for Backcountry.com to reach out..."and try one, they're really delicious!" WHEREVER YOU PLAY | 04 November 7, 2019
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