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    The Power of a Handshake

    The Power of a Handshake

    I heard a great quote today; if you don't read enough of you're uninformed and if you read too much you're misinformed.

    How do you reach a consumer that is both uninformed and misinformed at the same time.

    Today at a recent sampling event at a local coffee shop I set up our hop-up counter to sample our delicious Fourpoints® bars.  This is a necessary measure in an effort to differentiate ourselves, educate, and promote our brand amidst a saturated crowded market place.  

    It is an uphill battle every day showing people how we are better.

    Some people would stop for a sample but many others would simply walk right on by (eyes buried in their phones) not even noticing me.  One man walked by me up to the counter where he ordered his coffee and paid for it not even looking up to make eye contact with the cashier. He was polite and said "thank you" but never once looked away from his phone.

    He then walked right by me yet again but this time I extended my hand out to shake his hand.  

    He looked up and replied "I didn't even see you here, what do we have?" We then went on to have a good five-minute conversation about nutrition, about supporting local, and about being a game changer in our product category.  It ended with a sale and a handshake.  All of this got me thinking... how do you truly reach people anymore?  How do you shake someone's hand on social media?  In an attempt to become more connected and closer to one another we're actually growing further apart.  The man mentioned that he had seen us on Instagram but obviously none of those posts prompted him to get to know us or even purchase our product.  It took a handshake and an conversation like it did in the old days before we were so connected to our devices.   As a society we are more concerned with hollow connections via "likes" and "followers" on social media than making any real personal connections.  Two months ago we were a sponsor at the American Diabetic Association "tour de cure" bike race.  For those of you who don't know much about our product, one of the major points of emphasis is it's low glycemic load.  Last week I received a touching email from the division manager at ADA here in Denver that we have been working with prior to the event. His email was to inform me of his moving on to further his PhD in nutrition and continue his work to help those with diabetes.  But more importantly he was simply wishing us future success as he was truly inspired by us, our story, our product, and our values. 

     In his own words:

    "It has been a pleasure getting to know you and your company Fourpoints! I appreciate your dedication to producing nutritious, wholesome foods good for any demographic. If I recall correctly, your inspiration for your delicious product  was drawn from creating a healthy product for a family member with diabetes, as well as, creating a creating a superior product for athletes. Well my friend, mission accomplished and I wish you much success in the future.  It is dedicated advocates like you that help individuals living with diabetes moving forward and optimistic for diabetic advances in the future!"

    It's real connections like these that leave me optimistic on days like today that despite the uphill battle to grow our business, that reaching people and changing the world truly can happen if you just extend your hand.

    -Kevin Webber
    Co-Founder Fourpoints® Bar

    Nutrition for Hiking & Climbing

    Nutrition for Hiking & Climbing


    Here a some basic whole food nutrition tips to ensure that you experience a safe, successful, and fun climb!

    To keep things simple we will break this down into a 3 phase series:
    1.  Pre-Climb Nutrition
    2.  During your Climb Nutrition
    3.  Post-Climb Nutrition and Recovery

    1.  Pre-Climb Nutrition

    HYDRATE & Carb Load

    Hydration, above all else, is the single most important element to success at altitude.  Aim for 100-135 ounces of water the day before to properly hydrate.  I also find that carb loading with complex carbs the night before helps ensure you have the energy for a long day of strenuous climbing/hiking.  While high fat foods are energy dense, they require more oxygen to metabolize.  At altitude, your body needs all the oxygen it can muster.

    2.  During Climb Nutrition

    Balanced Blood Sugar

    Carbohydrates are the most important macronutrient for endurance activities.  Low carb stores result in low blood sugar which in turn, lead to confusion, lack of coordination, and disorientation.  All are bad things at 14,000 feet.  

    Keep the carbs coming regularly throughout your climb to stay ahead of the game.  Mix in some quick absorbing protein to keep muscles fed and stave off feelings of lethargy.  We created Fourpoints bars specifically for this phase to provide balanced energy without spikes or crashes.  Remember, by the time you feel hungry, you're already behind the eight ball.  

    Continue to hydrate the same throughout the day.

    3.  Post-Climb Nutrition


    After your climb your body is spent.  Carb stores are depleted and your muscles are too.  A high protein/ high carb meal or snack balanced with some good healthy fats will repair muscle tissue, replenish lost carbohydrates have you feeling better in no time.  

    For more information or to purchase Fourpoints® bars, visit our website