Fourpoints® Introduces Tactical Protein Bars!

Creators of the first slow-burn energy bar announces a new higher calorie/protein line for the armed forces and first...

Fourpoints Bar puts Conservation Up Front

The outdoor Inspired slow-burn energy bar adds non-profits on new packaging. DENVER, CO – 1/13/20 – Pick up a Fourpoi...

Fourpoints Slow-Burn Energy Bars Go Vegan With Hemp Protein

The prune based energy bars re-formulate and move to 100% Hemp based protein. DENVER, CO - 12/3/19 -  Fourpoints Slow...

California Prunes Shine in Fourpoints Energy Bars

The world comes to California for prunes, and so does energy bar innovator, Fourpoints®. Denver-based Fourpoints is the first-and-only energy bar to feature California Prunes as the star ingredient. “The energy bar category is crowded and full of the same old date based and syrup-based bars...
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