Fourpoints Bar puts Conservation Up Front

The outdoor Inspired slow-burn energy bar adds non-profits on new packaging.

DENVER, CO – 1/13/20 – Pick up a Fourpoints® Slow-Burn Energy Bar and you’ll notice something different on their packaging.   The Colorado based company is now dawning the logos of five outdoor non-profit organizations on the front of their bars.  As a 1% for the Planet member along with their “Wherever you play” initiative, they are showing consumers that they are more than just a bar.

Fourpoints Bars with 1% for the planet, American Alpine Club, Continental Divide Trail Coalition, Access Fund, and Colorado Fourteener Initiative

“Conservation is in our DNA and we want to show everyone who we are as a company and how they can help make an impact with every bar purchase they make.” Says Kevin Webber, Co-founder.  “Our planet, our industry, and our community need us now more than ever and we know we can achieve more together than we can alone.  In addition to giving back at least 1% of our annual sales to our outdoor conservation partners, we work with our partners on a much deeper and more impactful level.”

Fourpoints “Wherever you play” is an initiative the team launched in 2019 with four goals: PROTECT public lands & access, PRESERVE wild places & resources, PROMOTE the outdoor lifestyle and get outside and PLAY!  Hallmarks of their program include volunteerism, advocacy work, funding projects, and social responsibility.

Examples of some of their work include a partnership with American Alpine Club (displayed on their Alpine Apple Pie bar) where they helped fund a research grant investigating climate change impacts on mountain ecosystems. 

Fourpoints also adopted a 12-mile section of the Continental Divide Trail in southern Colorado and in November, joined the CDT Coalition in Washington D.C. where they lobbied lawmakers for full funding of the Land Water Conservation Fund which would aid in completion of the trail.

Patrick& Kevin Webber of Fourpoints Bar working on the Continental Divide Trail at Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado.

Patrick& Kevin Webber of Fourpoints Bar in Washington D.C.

Teaming up with Access Fund, Fourpoints is a supporting sponsor of their new climbing gym based education initiative to raise awareness around the issues facing our outdoor climbing areas, helping them turn their members into engaged climbing advocates.

Last but not least, and deeply personal for the team, they are working with Colorado Fourteener Initiative raising awareness about the very peaks they grew up playing on, preaching leave no trace principles and sustainable recreational practices designed to lessen alpine ecosystem impacts.  Online orders contain Leave No Trace Tags and information about CFI. 

“This is really just the beginning for us.”  Says Webber.  “We’re all really excited to grow these partnerships, get our hands dirty, and help re-define the role business can play in protecting the places we play and our environment.”


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