From One Coloradan to Another, Senator Gardner, Please Support the CORE Act

Coloradans want to see their elected officials represent today’s and future generations of Coloradans, by protecting what is truly important to us, our public lands, our economy, and our way of life. I’m also an unaffiliated voter, among the largest portion of voters in Colorado. I don’t vote for parties, I vote for people and on issues. I voted for you in 2014. I will be voting to honor our ski soldiers, and for Colorado’s outdoors in 2020.

Thanks for your support of LWCF, Senator Gardner, Now let's make it count!

While it's usually the Rocky Mountain terrain and trails that call us, recently we opted for a place less known for ...


Although the trail is 95% complete, at age 41, shouldn’t the crown jewel of the US trail system be 100% finished? Currently, approximately 180 miles of the CDT are simply routed along the side of dangerous highways and county roads due to gaps in public land. -Amanda Wheelock, CDTC. Should we really be surprised that Congress has failed to fully fund, or complete something that was promised to the American people?

Join Fourpoints and #SaveLWCF to protect the places we love in Colorado!

You love to fish, hike, camp, raft, hunt, etc....but what if those places you love to play were suddenly gone???  Wh...
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