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    We elevated the energy bar to elevate your performance,

    Wherever you play! ®

    The significance of FOUR is found in the nature of all things; FOUR seasons, FOUR elements, FOUR points of the compass.  Fourpoints® bars were created with the following FOUR goals in mind to make it better than it has to be, so you can perform better when you need to!

    1. Real Food Ingredients
    2. Balanced Macronutrients 
    3. Slow Burn Energy 
    4. Ridiculously Delicious!



    Kevin & Patrick Webber doing trail work on their adopted section of the Continental Divide Trail. 




    A bar isn't just a bar to us...

    We are a mission-driven company born out of a devotion to spending time in the great outdoors.

    In 2007, following an untimely energy crash while descending a 14,000 ft peak in Colorado during a lightning storm, we began to experiment with different recipes for a complete on-the-go nutritional option which could support our active lifestyles and protect our blood sugar. In order to provide hours of sustained energy while avoiding sugar-spikes and crashes, which derail performance and healthy blood sugar, Fourpoints bars balance proteins, fats, and low-to-moderate glycemic carbohydrates. We leveraged our backgrounds in sports nutrition, fitness, and culinary arts along with lesson learned in our families fight with diabetes to create a real food energy bar with a unique base of PRUNES and figs, resulting in an energy bar with a low-to-moderate glycemic load for long-sustained energy. We are also passionate about promoting outdoor recreation - partnering with 1% for the planet and other major conservation non-profits to protect public lands, and a portion of our sales are donated to various conservation and environmental causes. Follow us with #whereveryouplay

    -Kevin & Patrick Webber (Co-Founders)