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    The significance of FOUR is found in the nature of all things; FOUR seasons, FOUR elements, FOUR points of the compass. Fourpoints® bars were created with the following FOUR goals in mind to give your body long sustained energy for wherever your compass points you...

    1. Balanced Macro-nutrient Ratios: to support 3-4 hours of sustained energy.
    2. Low-Moderate Glycemic Load: to provide short, medium and long term energy while supporting healthier blood sugar during activity. No sugar spikes or crashes!!
    3. Rich in antioxidant, vitamin and mineral content. 
    4. Made using high quality, raw, whole foods. 

    If there was a 5th point, it would be... palatability! By Design, our product won't freeze on the chairlift and can be consumed without water. 




    This all started at 14,000 feet...

    10 years ago while summiting Mount Oxford (14,160 ft.) & Mount Belford (14,203 ft.) in the Colorado Sawatch range my brother Patrick and were caught in a lightning storm.  While running across a 13,000 foot saddle back down to safety we both crashed...we were exhausted!.  I thought to myself how could our nutrition be so off?

    We had gels, energy bars, and energy drinks but they didn't do enough to sustain us and support our athletic endeavors. We needed our food to function for us.

    We learned the hard way that in order to play hard you have to fuel right. Whether you’re an athlete or a weekend warrior, when called upon to perform, your body requires the right nutrients at the right times. 

    In a information age where there is so much misinformation and so much gimmicky marketing the answer is simple...“Real energy” comes from “Real food!"

    It comes from the consuming and burning of calories, maintaining a high metabolism, and supporting a healthy blood sugar.  That's what your body prefers and that's when when it performs at its best.

    Stealing something I read from Seth Godin; "remarkable products are created by passionate people who are really making something for themselves."

    That's how we got started!
    Making a product for ourselves out of necessity for our active lifestyle.

    We don't just talk about food, we talk about the function of food. 

    Together with our friend Steve we set out to develop a true energy bar unlike any other in that fuels you when you need it the most.

    We hope you enjoy!

    -Kevin Webber