The "FOUR" Points

Fourpoints slow burn energy bars made with prunes and hemp. Fourpoints bars made with prunes and whey isolate.
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Real Food

REAL energy comes from REAL food!  That's what the body prefers and that’s when it performs at its best! NO additives, preservatives, vague “natural flavors,” or anything artificial.

Macronutrient Rich

Proper Nutrition fuels better performance! Our natural ingredients are measured with purpose: To achieve specific ratios of carbohydrates, protein, fats, & fiber for slower digestion; providing hours of sustained energy. 

Slow-Burn Energy

…because the glycemic load of the food you eat has a big impact on blood sugar levels, and those levels influence your energy. Fourpoints® bars not only give you energy, they help maintain it!  

Ridiculously Delicious

You deserve an energy bar that delivers clean energy, is easily enjoyed on-the-go…AND tastes amazing all in the same package.

Every flavor tells a story and stays true to its name. You’ll love the way Fourpoints® Bar eats under any condition and how that clean energy makes you feel. After the first bite, you’ll agree that Fourpoints® isn’t just another bar.

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