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Rebuilding Your Small Business in The COVID-19 Reality

Recently I was asked write an op-ed to put a real face to COVID-19 reality and the impact it has had our small busin...


When my Brother Patrick and I started Fourpoints we were trying to solve a problem and innovate in a category bereft...

The Drive: What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur

  Jan. 11, 1987, a cold, damp day in Cleveland, Denver Broncos guard Keith Bishop defiantly issued a statement that...

Mentoring and Paying it Forward

From time to time I find myself scrolling through old emails looking for some piece of information and I see his name...


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Born at 14,000 feet...

Our bars were crafted to fuel our passion for outdoor recreation and inspired by our family's fight with diabetes.     Read More...

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The "FOUR" Points

Create delicious, slow-burning foods that protect your blood sugar and elevate your performance, wherever you play!    Read More...

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More than just another bar...

PROTECT public lands & access. PRESERVE wild places & resources. PROMOTE the outdoor lifestyle. Get outside and PLAY!   Read More...

Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance, Conservation Colorado

The events of the past few weeks have brought our country’s systemic racism -- particularly against Black Americans -- back into the headlines. Tragically, these recent stories of violence barely scratch the surface of the injustices and discrimination that black people and people of color face every day in this country. 
Environmental justice is an integral part of Conservation Colorado’s mission, and racial justice is an inseparable aspect of that work. Outdoor recreation holds a problematic history in that for many, especially people of color, the outdoors and wild places have remained inaccessible. As the Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance fights for a world with protected lands, clean air and water, we know those efforts won’t be fully realized unless every person has equitable access to the outdoors, to democratic processes, and we put an end to systematic oppression against black people and people of color. 

Now almost 300 businesses strong, the Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance has impacted dozens of pro-conservation policy efforts over the years. We realize that with our collective influence comes great responsibility. It is our job to ensure that all voices are represented among our membership and within our leadership, that the Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance is an accessible program to all businesses, especially those who represent communities of color, and that we are only supporting policies that benefit all Coloradans, not just some. 

We recognize and stand in solidarity with the leadership of the frontline organizations and individuals working to end racism and violence against people of color. We want a world in which access to the outdoors is a great equalizer; a place where all people can come together, be at home, and feel safe. As the Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance Steering Committee, we commit to advocating for the protections of lands, water, climate for ALL Coloradans. 
The Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance Steering Committee 

Patrick Webber - Fourpoints Bar

Chase LaCroix - Durango Outdoor Exchange
Emily Ledergerber - Alpacka Rafts
Forrest Merithew - Merithew Law
John Nicholas - Bonfire Collective
Kathryn Bedell - Roan Creek Ranch and Agriculture Commission
Kate Palmer - JP Morgan
Peter Downing - Suffer Better
Philip Huffeldt - Wool Hat Creative
Stu Swineford - Relish Studio
Ashleigh Diaz - 4Corners Riversports

Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance logo

Join us

The Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance (COBA) is a coalition of Colorado-based businesses and entrepreneurs advocating for strong conservation policies. United by the shared values of protected public lands, healthy rivers, and a stable climate, we advocate to protect the unmatched competitive advantages these values provide our businesses, industries, and way of life. We develop successful conservation campaigns that are innovative, sophisticated, and stakeholder-driven.

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